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Eyres Safety Eyewear 702-razor Collection

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Versatile, durable, light, and strong. The EYRES Safety Eyewear 702-Razor Collection is designed to offer an unobtrusive wrap around frame with a modern look for perfect vision.

Their sleek design is constructed using durable polycarbonate and offers a unique combination of superior strength and flexibility.

The technology that supports the cutting-edge designs provides an advanced range of eye protection which assures optical integrity without compromising performance.

Engineered to be worn in an industrial, mining, construction, or sports environment for long hours in extreme sunlight conditions, the 702-Razor range proves that precision is everything.

The hard coat lens delivers a wide, clear field of vision, complemented by soft grip nose pads and high fitting contour for a secure and comfortable fit, and perfect peripheral viewing. The eyewear is also diverse with their uses, with tints ranging from clear to light brown, and all the way through to Cat. three sun wear.

Being able to focus on the task at hand in any environment is vital and the comprehensive 702-Razor collection provides the wearer with variations for both prescription and non-prescription lenses, along with advanced coatings such as anti-fog, UV protective, polarisation, dust protection and even interchangeable lenses.

In the most demanding environments, the 702-Razor Collection can offer a positive seal foam protector that limits particulate introduction and reduces perspiration entering the eye area, giving you clearer vision.

EYRES Medium Impact Safety
Eyewear offers the wearer a versatile better fit, comfort, maximum strength, and clear vision.

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