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The all new 18V Slide Lithium-ion Automatic Screw Driver is one of the latest innovations to be unleashed onto the Australian market by Hitachi!
Hitachi recently released the greatly anticipated WF18DSL, automatic screw driver. Hitachi Koki’s laboratory in Japan have spent millions of dollars and countless hours researching and engineering an automatic screw driver to meet the high standards that the tough Australian market demands. The WF18DSL has been heavily influenced by Australian building and construction industries with substantial interest coming from the manufacturing, fabrication and home development trades.
The WF18DSL produces 4,200 rpm for the rapid driving of screws from 25mm to 41mm in length for drywall, timber and steel applications. Features such as a quick adjustment button can be found on the top of the tool to effortlessly set the desired screw length. Changing screw strips has also been made easy with a quick release button, and to ensure screw strips feed correctly and prevent them from interfering with the user, the WF18DSL features a convenient belt guide.
This screw driver features a silent multi disc clutch system that achieves shock free clutching and low noise operation. For easy maintenance you can access the carbon brushes externally and to check the remaining battery there is a handy remaining charge indicator light. This tool also features a forward and reverse switch, detachable slider case and tool-less depth dial for different applications. In true Hitachi fashion, this innovative tool has it all.
The WF18DSL has been packaged with two super high capacity Lithium ion batteries, cooling charger, three surface protectors and three high strength driver bits. Hitachi offer all this with the confidence of a 3 year warranty.

For more information, contact Hitachi on 1300 444 822 or visit their website www.hitachi-powertools.com.au. You can also follow Hitachi on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

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