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Electricians Insulated Tools

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1000V Rated for Safety on the Job

Klein Tools’ Electricians Insulated Tools protect against electric shock to reduce the chance of injury. Made in the USA, these tools feature a unique three-part insulation, with white underlayer, to provide a warning sign if the insulation may be compromised. The multi-colour, sleek design with small thumb guards make these tools easy to handle and store.   

  • Electricians Insulated Combination Pliers (12098-EINS)
  • Electricians Insulated High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutting Pliers – 200 mm (2000-28-EINS)
  • Electricians Insulated High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutting Pliers with Angled Head – 200 mm (2000-48-EINS)
  • Electricians Insulated  Long Nose Pliers – 175 mm (203-7-EINS)
  • Electricians Insulated Cable Cutter (63050-EINS)

The thick, exceptionally tough, high-dielectric white inner coating is bonded to the tool. The bright orange outer coating is flame retardant and impact-resistant.  Made of custom US-made tool steel, each tool is clearly marked with the official 1000-volt rating symbol.

 Each product is individually tested to meet or exceed IEC 60900: 2012, ASTM F1505-10 standards.


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