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Don’t Slip Up: Trimaco Floor Protectors You

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Project conditions vary, sometimes ripe with challenges.

Avoid creating a ‘slippery’ worksite by using the right floor protection for the environment you’re working in. It only takes an instant. A boot catching on a fold of fabric – a heel slipping on the edge of a covered stair. It could be time to upgrade your worksite protection, especially when hard floors and surfaces need protecting.

Trimaco offers slip-resistant hard surface protection in rolls and as dropcloths.

  • Stay Put® Surface Protector:

Waterproof and breathable (ideal for floors still curing), this protector, also with a tacky backing, is a great choice for high-end projects with hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, marble and stairs. No taping required and no residue left behind. Reposition and reuse.

  • Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth:

300 per cent more slip resistant than a typical 8-ounce canvas drop, this dropcloth gives you slip and leak resistant protection that stays put. Trimaco’s Stay Put® Canvas Plus Dropcloth consists of three layers: absorbent canvas on top to reduce tracking; a plastic layer in the middle, making it leak-resistant to paints and stains; and a durable slip-resistant backing. It will easily lie flat throughout the duration of the job.

  • Eliminator® Dropcloth:

225 per cent more slip resistant than a 10-ounce canvas dropcloth and also 20 per cent more drapable, the durable material on both sides provide leak-resistant protection that stay put. Professional grade, crack-resistant butyl holds up well in both hot and cold temperatures. Heavyweight, durable and reusable, it’s perfect for painting and staining.

  • Stay Put® Vinyl Dropcloth:

31 per cent more slip resistant than a traditional plastic dropcloth, you can lay it down on hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpet or furniture.

With its textured slip-resistant technology, there’s no need to worry about it sliding off the surface in the middle of a job.

When hard floors and surfaces need protecting, opt for slip-resistant surface protection.

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