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Direct to Rust Metal Paint

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Painting and protecting metal work is never an easy job. There’s the constant threat of humidity, rain and, eventually, rust. Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint is a ‘one tin’ self-priming solution, performing as a primer, undercoat and top coat – saving time and money.

Unlike conventional paints, Hammerite can be applied directly onto rust and ferrous metals without using a primer and undercoat first. Simply remove any loose or flaking paint and rust with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper, then wash with water or a very mild detergent mix to remove any remaining rusty dust, grease and dirt. Rinse, leave to dry and then get ready to paint. Even if the metal has already turned rusty, simply paint directly onto the rusty surface and Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint goes to work immediately. Apply 2 coats and you’re done.

With a fresh coat of Hammerite, metal projects will not only look brand new, but will also have added protection. The DUALTECH technology, provides a two-way protection by repelling water and stopping rust forming underneath, keeping the metal stronger for longer –  resisting rust for up to 8 years.

It is suitable for use on a wide range of metal surfaces including gates, fencing, railings, drainpipes and other metal items. Available in either a brush or spray (aerosol) application, choose from a range of colours in smooth or hammered finishes.

For further information visit www.hammerite.com.au or call 1300 745 536.

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