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Diablo 7-1/4” 24 Tooth Framing Saw Blade

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High performance for fast and effortless cuts

Diablo’s next generation 7-1/4” 24T Framing Cordless Blade delivers maximum life and durability with Hi-Density carbide with Titanium & Cobalt blend for effortless cutting performance. The super thin Kerf design  ups your Cutting Game with unmatched cutting efficiency meaning more cuts per battery charge. This blade has 5 times the cutting life of a standard circular saw blade.

You will also experience less drag, gumming and corrosion, thanks to the blades Perma-Shield Coating, which is made from a non-stick aluminum alloy, making it one of the most durable saw blades on the market. The Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing provides a high-performance shock absorber behind every tooth!

Suitable for a range of applications, the Saw Blade is ideal for framers, roofers, remodelers, concrete farmers or anyone looking for ultimate cutting performance in pressure treated wood, 2x lumber, plywood, hardwoods & softwoods.

This blade is perfect for all 7-1/4 cordless circular saws, get your hands on the new Diablo 7-1/4 in. x 24 Tooth Framing Saw Blade for best-in-class cutting performance and durability.

Available from  $32.95RRP at Bunnings Warehouse and Total Tools.

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