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Simpson Strong-Tie Decking Fasteners

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Moving into the warmer months there is always a push to gain more outdoor living space and a deck on the outside of the house has been the best way to gain this.

Whether it is a structure with a roof that has an outdoor kitchen or just somewhere that the family can enjoy the summer sun, there are a lot of considerations when planning a deck.

We see a lot of decks where the best and most expensive timber is used to cover the framework, and then the cheapest fasteners are used to hold them in place and often there is disappointment. Timber decks will move with moisture from the rain and drying from the sun and this puts a lot of pressure on the fasteners that are holding them. They are typically visible so we want to ensure they look good and that the timber movement does not cause splitting of the boards.

At Simpson Strong-Tie they have spent the past few years working on the best screw for decking and they finally believe they have achieved it. Simpson Strong-Tie have a 316 stainless steel screw for ductility so the timber moves without breaking the screw. They added a 6 lobe drive to eliminate damaging the recess, even in the toughest timber. A drill point that will slide through all hardwoods without the need to pre-drill and then some extra knurling to prevent the boards from splitting.

Simpson Strong-Tie is the manufacturer of the Quik Drive® collated screw system and this allows the builder to install the screws quickly, accurately and without the need to drill or countersink the boards. The new DSD Decking Screw delivers the best finish on even the hardest timbers and with the Quik Drive® system the job is done in half the time.

The DSD is available in collated strips of 30 screws as well as loose, so whether it is a small deck or something larger, the one screw is the perfect solution for the job.

The DSD range also includes a 6.5mm or 14g diameter screw where you want a heavier screw with all the same features for some of the wider 140mm decking boards. Despite the bigger diameter, the screw slides in with ease and the finish is as good as the smaller screw. This is tough to do, but with the features in the screw, they have made it possible.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s aim was to develop the Ultimate Decking Fastener and the DSD will not disappoint. Finally a decking screw that is truly ‘no predrill no countersink’ tested in our Australian Hardwoods for our conditions. Ease of installation, great finish, holds on and will outlast the deck and a full range of sizes in loose and collated makes it the complete deck fastener.

Contact your local Hardware or Fastener outlet for the new Simpson Strong-Tie DSD Decking Screw or contact Simpson Strong-Tie for your closest Distributor on 1300STRONGTIE or www.strongtie.com.au

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