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CSR Gyprock Launches One Finish

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One Finish is a lightweight pre-mixed compound ideal for achieving a Level 5 plasterboard finish.

Australia’s leading plasterboard manufacturer, CSR Gyprock has launched One Finish, a pre-mixed acrylic compound for uniform surfacing on plasterboard walls and ceilings, subject to critical lighting conditions. One Finish’s superior composition assists in more efficiently achieving the highest criteria of a Level 5 finish with easy application.

This uniquely formulated surfacer hides imperfections by concealing variances in texture, porosity, and sheen between paper and compound. As a drying product, it is ideal for skim coating with the ability to fill flaws while smoothing irregularities. Its paint-like consistency leaves walls and ceilings with a premium white finish and flawless appearance.

Finishes applied to plasterboard surfaces have a significant effect on the perceived quality of installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist. One Finish is exceptional in its ability to help reach the regulated Level 5 standard and will improve a Level 4 finish if remedial work is required.

One Finish comes pre-mixed and ready for roller usage, requiring no special skill or equipment. Unlike conventional applications using all-purpose compounds, its formula saves time and labor by eliminating the need for hand trowel treatments and sanding.

“We created this product specifically to benefit builders and contractors by streamlining the installation process and produce high-quality results,” said Troy Green, General Manager of Marketing, CSR Lightweight Systems.

Gyprock has set an industry precedent in supporting tradesmen by not only developing innovative building products but also providing unparalleled resources. Gyprock’s revamped website and mobile app offer an extensive library of free digital tools specifically designed for builders and contractors.

These tools include design and installation guides, specification templates, estimation calculators and data sheets. Builders can also visit Gyprock Trade centers, which cater for the specialist needs of plastering industry professionals that general building supply retailers may not be equipped for.

One Finish is available nation-wide at Gyprock Trade stores and specialist distributors.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]For more information visit the newly revamped website at www.gyprock.com.au.[/colored_box]

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