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Corinthian Doors’ Platinum Cavity Range

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Corinthian Doors’ Platinum Cavity range opens the door to practicality, functionality and a stylish personality.

Builders, trades and developers experience many pain points onsite and a common one relates to the use of traditional timber cavity units, particularly in wet areas. Load capacity limitations on cavity sliding systems can be problematic, and when exposed to moisture, timber cavity units are prone to moisture absorption, rotting, bowing and white ants, impacting the structures’ integrity over time and therefore, warranty issues. To assist builders in meeting clients’ needs for functionality as well as style, Corinthian Doors (Corinthian) has designed the Platinum Cavity Collection, a range of steel cavity units, engineered for superior strength, space and design choice.

Corinthian’s Platinum Cavity units are ideal for new builds and major renovations within both residential and commercial spaces. With a wide selection of widths and heights across three-unit configurations, as well as a heavy-duty track option, the product is suitable for a range of applications, including floor to ceiling doorways and tiled wet areas.

“Over time, traditional timber cavity units can hold up poorly in high-moisture and wet areas like bathrooms and laundries,” says Amy Ryan, Corinthian Doors, Marketing Manager. “Thanks to its steel construction, the Platinum Cavity ensures resistance to moisture, warping, bowing, white ants and rot. The range offers superior performance and durability and has been independently assessed to be fit-for-purpose for tiled wall applications and comes with a five-year warranty.”

All units are made-to-order with the Platinum 6000 and Platinum 9000 offering track load carrying capacity for single applications up to 125kg per door. All Platinum Cavity units are supplied in a flush jamb configuration and can be converted to a flush pull configuration by retrofitting two 60mm converter bumper stops to the back post prior to installation.

Beyond the physical aspects of the Platinum Cavity unit, the practicality of cavity door sliding solutions allows you to maximise spatial efficiency. A cavity door does not impede floor and wall space or obstruct furniture or fittings, unlike swing doors, which require a clear area to open and close.

“Doors play an important part of the look and function of a home. The new Platinum Cavity range provides builders with options to deliver on more ambitious briefs and be confident that they are using a quality product that is going to cause them less headaches in the long run,” adds Amy.

Corinthian’s range of interior door designs are compatible with Platinum Cavity, providing design versatility for the homeowner, and the opportunity to play with new materials and styles, using the door as a canvas to create a statement.

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