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Compliance Isn’t Rocket Science. It’s Engineering!

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The Australian building industry has many stringent codes of practice to ensure safe building outcomes for both the trades on-site and the consumer.

MiTek take these standards and levels of performance for engineering and manufacturing excellence very seriously… and are proud of being awarded IS0 9001 certification. This is a guarantee all MiTek products meet the world standard in quality management.

Advanced software that can design and help produce amazing, sometimes complex solutions – all with absolute engineering integrity is at the heart of timber prefabrication. And MiTek software has been leading the way in Australia and world-wide for decades.

All MiTek programs meet the Building Code of Australia’s Software Protocol Standards and are independently certified by Swinburne University.

Plus, MiTek has many engineers on staff to assist with truss design when required – and to provide engineering details on unusual or complex roofing designs.

On-going industry training and certification also play a major role in ensuring ‘best building practices’ are followed. MiTek conducts regular training sessions for fabricators, builders and other people involved in the construction industry.

MiTek provides training to its licensed fabricator staff, covering all aspects of truss fabrication and truss plant operation – in accordance with the standard National Construction Code Requirements.

Training builders how to correctly – and safely install roof trusses is very important. MiTek run Accredited Truss Installer courses and provide builders with comprehensive support material.

The quality, reliability and compliance of timber connectors are also crucial to the safety and structural integrity of each and every building project.

MiTek also manufactures a huge range of Engineered Building Products, made to answer specific on-site needs.

All are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and meet all requirements in the National Construction Code Series and Australian Standards. A rigid program of quality control is applied during manufacture, plus all undergo on-going, rigorous testing.

Universities and other NATA certified laboratories also carry out independent research on MiTek’s Engineered Building Products. So you know when you are using a MiTek Engineered Building Product you can trust it to perform day after day… year after year.

MiTek also support all of their Engineered Building Products with up-to-date, accurate data sheets complete with installation instructions, product specification and engineer certified load data.

There’s the MiTek Guide!

It assists in the interpretation of Australian Standards AS1684.2 ‘Residential Timber-Framed Construction’ and AS4440, ‘Installation of nail plated roof trusses.’

There’s also the MiTek EasyCat App. This electronic catalogue of Engineered Building Products contains the latest data sheets and, where applicable, links to short, instructional videos demonstrating correct installation of Engineered Building Products.

Non-complying products compromise safety on-site and after construction. They can also result in a project being shut down untill errors are fixed. There are potential cost blowouts and expensive downtime. Why take the risk when you know you can trust MiTek products, services and training.

Remember: Always specify and use Engineered Building Products.

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