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Colt Upright Compressors

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One of the distinct elements of a tradie’s ute is the orange compressor on the back.  As the original orange-tank trade compressor, Colt is a trusted brand among Australians, and since its introduction into the local market, the Colt name has been synonymous with power, reliability, and quality.

The Colt brand has continued to grow and evolve into new applications, and the new range of upright compressors has been designed specifically to aid trade professionals whose work leads them to areas that require a certain amount of portability in their tools. The Colt 181 and Colt 270 have been designed with an upright tank and in addition to a reduced footprint allowing for easy storage, the vertical design results in a lower centre of gravity when lying down, making them considerably easier to transport than conventional compressors. The lightweight design of these compressors also allow for improved portability and are easier to carry upstairs or around a job site.

The oil-free pumps on the 181 and 270 reduces the maintenance required for these compressors and is better for the environment than oil-lubricated models. This design also means they can be stored on their sides without worrying about the possibility of an oil leak.

Both models come equipped with an easy-to-read control panel and quick release Nitto® style couplings that makes them easy to connect to your airline. Despite their compact and lightweight design, however, the Colt 181 and Colt 270 are both capable of pushing up to 145psi, capable of running most air tools.

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