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Coast PM500R Pure Beam Rechargeable Focusing Work Light

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The Coast PM500R is one versatile little unit! The magnetic base on the light means it can be mounted on the roof, the walls or even securely on a metal switchboard swing door – there are many options for lighting positions.

There are four strong magnets on the base that secure your investment safely. Once it is magnetised to metal you can rotate 180 degrees and twist 360 degrees to get the light in the perfect position to light up your workspace.The Pure Beam focus can turn the light source into a floodlight or a spotlight with a simple twist.

The PM500R pumps out a tonne of light, and with the rechargeable batteries it will provide 700 lumens on high and 200 lumens on low. With Alkaline batteries itwill provide 600 lumens on high and 170 lumens on low. The PM500R can also run on a rechargeable battery pack or three x AA batteries, but also has the option to connect the AC/DC charger with a USB adapter for continuous power!

Built Tough And Impact/ Weather Resistant

The PM500R is also a solid little unit. It’s impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable – it’s built well for a tough site. Coast also backs the light with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship so you know they are backing the quality of their product, which is tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

Having the PM500R with me in my van for the past month has been epic. At first, I thought it was pretty cool and different but also thought it might be a bit of a gimmick. As the days past,

I found myself pulling it out more and more, especially on those after-hours service calls working on switchboards at night. This light is extremely useful – it magnetised to the top of the switchboard and I quickly and easily focused the light onto the area of work. The light is so compact it stayed out of my way whilst working, but was so easy to move and readjust when I needed it to. Being able to easily twist the focused beam and angle the light source to anywhere I needed it with ease was an absolute godsend! I’m pretty sure the cost of the light has been paid off already with the productivity it has created.

The Coast PM500R Pure Beam Rechargeable Focusing Work Light is great especially for people in the service industry, but is also equally as perfect for day-to-day site work in dark areas. Another great thing about the Coast PM500R is it is perfect for your camping weekend away to just pop on your ute or van. Versatile and compact means this little unit is a must-have for work and weekend use!

Nice one, Coast! I’ll be grabbing a couple for the boys’ work vans.

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