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Chemset™ Reo 502™ Plus Pure Epoxy

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ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy is a high load strength, high performing, heavy duty product, which has been designed for fast all-weather applications, while still offering user friendly working times.

Fixing reinforcement bars and starter bars in slabs and footings along with anchoring structural metal framework is serious business, which is why using a product that suits the requirements of the project and its environmental elements is key to the success of heavy-duty anchoring. Extreme temperature and moisture have doomed many a tradie to failure in the past.

Epoxies are one of those products that you need to rely on for seriously high bond strength for tasks like fixing bar and threaded rod into slabs and use on cracked concrete and stone.

With that in mind we gave a few of these options a good old-fashioned test to see for ourselves how well the ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy performed.

Test 1: Fixing Bar Into A Concrete Slab

We ran several scenarios, first drilling out an oversized hole because the product is said to be able to secure a bar in a hole up to 2.25 times the bar diameter. The product is also all-weather dispensing and designed for use in dry, damp, wet and underwater holes. After drilling four holes we cleaned out all dust and residue. Next, we dampened one hole and another we filled to the top with water before filling all four holes three quarters full of ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy. Of course, you need to make sure when starting to allow the product to properly mix in the nozzle by squeezing out enough product until it is an even grey colour. Once the holes were filled there was plenty of working time to ensure our bar was nice and centred in the holes. As the product started to firm up (approx. 1 hour) we had great bond strength (after 2 hours), even in our damp and wet holes, which cured at the same rate as the dry holes.

The Reo 502™ epoxy is seriously strong, durable, non-shrink, and sag-resistant with a 50-year design life. The impressive design and exacting standards make this product perfect for applications such as post-installing reinforcing bar connections for concrete walls, slabs, columns, beams, starter bars and structural steel connections.


I’ve got to say in the past on the odd occasion I have managed to make a bit of a mess when using epoxy, but the ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy was relatively clean and easy to use. Within about 3 hours the product was cured and set and because the product has been designed for use in wet and damp conditions – even underwater or flooded holes – you don’t need to worry about rain or water on commercial or residential projects.

The application went well and when it came time to test the strength of our bond we grabbed our trusted sledge hammer and gave the bar a bit of a love tap (huge hit) to see if any of our test bars would move, crack or even break out of the prepared holes. In a 100 per cent success rate, all four of our holes and bars stayed true, including our oversized, damp and waterfilled holes. The bar did bend with our big impacts using the sledge, but the epoxy bond didn’t move, crack or split.

The ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy will be my go-to product for fixing bar and threaded rod from now on. With its 50-Year Design life and Prequalification to AS5216:2018 and NCC 2019 – you can bet your bottom dollar this product is up to the challenge.

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