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ChemSet™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy

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Trust the superior heavy-duty anchoring performance of Chemset™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy.

Prequalification to AS5216:2018 and NCC 2019; for use in cracked concrete and seismic applications. Reo 502™

PLUS is designed for fast all weather dispensing, user-friendly working times to maximise productivity. Reo 502™ PLUS is for structural reinforcing bar connections and structural anchoring applications.

It is the ideal solution for use with solid concrete, cracked concrete and stone.

That’s thanks to the product advantages it offers, like:

  • 50-year design life
  • High bond strength
  • High performance pure epoxy
  • For use in carbide or core drilled holes and oversized diameters (up to 2.25 X bar diameter)
  • Use in dry, damp, wet and underwater holes
  • Long working time
  • Non-shrink epoxy
  • Sag-resistant
  • All-weather dispensing
  • Flooded hole and underwater usage
  • Multi-directional application
  • Longer nozzle life
  • Service temperature range of 40°C to 80°C
  • User-friendly
  • Fast, low fatigue dispensing
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Chemset™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy has been thoroughly tested in Australian conditions and adheres to the following applicable standards:

  • AS 5216:2018 and SA TS101 (design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete)
  • Complies with NCC 2019
  • ETA (European Technical Assessment) approved for uncracked concrete, cracked concrete, Seismic C1

Superior design and exacting standards make this product perfect for applications such as post-installing reinforcing bar connections for concrete walls, slabs, columns and beams, as well as starter bars and structural steel connections.

For peace of mind with your building projects, go with Chemset™ Reo 502™ PLUS Pure Epoxy. To Learn more visit www.ramset.com.au/Product/Detail/6/ChemSet-Reo-502-

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