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Cement Australia White Cement

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With homes being built around Australia looking to stand out from the neighbours and the rest of the street a unique opportunity arises for companies to produce new products with limitless aesthetic and decorative opportunities.

One such company is Cement Australia, and BCM was very happy to put their White Cement product through its paces. Being perfect for render, mortar and grout and with the ability to mix with other colours, there are 101 options for this product.

Cement Australia’s vibrant team of around 800 people – covering a range of diverse and specialist roles – enables the company to be Australia’s number-one supplier of top quality cement-based products. As impressive as this is Cement Australia’s dedicated delivery network system including road, rail and sea to get its product from despatch to you as quickly as possible. With bulk and bagged products available there is no job too big or too small for this Australian success story.

So when a couple of bags of Cement Australia’s White Cement arrived at BCM HQ I instantly knew who the perfect brickie would be to put the product through its paces. My old mate Sam O’Brien from Bulldog Bricklaying who is a fellow graduate of Narrabeen High Finishing School for Young Gentleman (as us ratbags sarcastically like to call it).


Sam was more than happy to help out and he was the perfect choice to do up a few mixes and suss this product out. Now as luck would have it Sam was working on a job down the road where the client wanted a warm sandstone coloured mortar to tie in with a pile of sandstone flagging that was going on later, as well as several areas being rendered. It was the perfect opportunity to get Sam’s lowdown on this product. As good as this product is for laying mortar and bricks it’s also equally impressive as a decorative mortar.

After stirring up a few mixes in the cement mixer and laying 50 bricks or so (I did turn up after lunch on a Friday, which as any brickie knows is pretty much knock-off time). Sam shared: “It’s proven itself to be a good-looking product. It mixed up well and sat up nice on the trowel. It stayed fluffy and didn’t go off too quick or show any other signs of inferior cement. Actually, it was the total opposite; everything worked exactly how I wanted it to. The colour looked good and even though we were mixing with yellow brickies sand, the client loved the warm sandstone tone. The white cement mixed with the white sand with a dark brick is also a real impressive sight.”

Sam continued, “From a brickies perspective this is a top-quality product that is very easy to work with. It also looks great, which keeps the clients happy. Knowing the amount of technology and refinement that Cement Australia put into removing impurities, you know this product is going to not only stand up to the elements but continue to look amazing as the years and decades go by. After doing a little research I’ve also found out that this is a really versatile product perfect for concrete, mortar, grout and render, as well as complying with all Australian Standards. If you wish to create different colours, other additives and colours can also be added to the Cement Australia White product.”

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really show the product in its render applications but as you can see from the image it really does look impressive. White Cement is ideal for high early strength applications and provides a lighter colour finish. Conforming to Australian Standards (AS3972), Cement Australia’s White Cement is versatile across a large number of applications and suitable for additive additions including Hydrated Lime, Clay or Brickies Own. The use of White Cement provides many building and construction applications with aesthetic and decorative opportunities, revolutionising the development of architectural concrete.


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