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Cement Australia Render It™ Multisurface Grey

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The thought of tackling your own rendering can be a little intimidating – colour, consistency and mastering the technique itself can be challenging.

Cement Australia’s Render It™ Multisurface Grey has simplified the important stages like mixing and cleaning up with its pre-mixed, easy-to-use product, which meets trade quality.

The days of mixing various materials and adding curing compounds or primers are gone, with this impressive product that is perfect for internal and external use. Render It is designed to create an excellent bond on a range of materials you can expect to find on a worksite including masonry, styrene, fibre cement sheets and AAC block surfaces. Even better, you can apply the product from 2mm-10mm thickness in a single application.

Even though when mixed the product is soft, light and easy to apply, I thought it was best to get some professionals involved so I gave Paul from MIX MUD a call. Paul and his team have been rendering up a storm in stunning homes and projects around Sydney for more than two decades. One of Paul’s gun renderers “Gui” was available to put the Render It to good use. It was impressive to watch him work.

Test 1: Set Up And Mixing

Being a polymer modified render means this is one-part render so the only thing you need to add to


this product is good old H2O (4 litres for a 20kg bag). You can hand mix if you don’t have a drill. Our renderer Gui knew the exact consistency he was looking for and for efficiency reasons opted for the drill mixer. He produced a stunning, fluffy mix knocked up in just a few minutes.

Before mixing the render make sure you have your work area properly prepared and cleaned. When correctly mixed you should have a nice, creamy, lump-free consistency. Don’t forget to let your mixture sit for 5 minutes before applying.

Test 2.The Application Process

Gui shared his experience and feedback on the product. “When you’re using a render product every day you get used to its feel and characteristics. The Render It product felt smooth, creamy and light, which is what I’m looking for in a render. As far as mixing goes it was speedy and effortless to prepare to get up on the wall. You will find it a clean and easy product to mix and use. I knew the exact consistency I like so I didn’t measure the water I used, but if you aren’t experienced or 100 per cent sure just stick to the 4 litres per 20kg bag, and you will be right on the money.

“The product was nice to apply on a narrow but tall section of wall. Starting at the bottom of the wall (left to right) I only needed to apply a 5mm skim coat to the brickwork that was going to be covered in sandstone flagging. The consistency was a little different to what I’m used to, but it went on very well. After finishing the application, including screeding and running the timber float over the work area, I have to say it looks just as good as the product we normally use, which is a solid endorsement.”


Cement Australia’s Render It Multisurface Grey is yet another reliable Australian-made product that will provide impressive results for both pros and DIYers alike. Keeping things simple to use and clean up, along with a top-quality product is the secret to success, which Cement Australia has nicely dialed  in across its product range. Keeping your render damp or covered to lock in moisture over 24 hours will give you best results. One thing to avoid is applying the product in full sun.


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