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Cement Australia Prostrength Rapid Set Mortar

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I’m sure you can all relate to this scenario: you have a small job to repair some brickwork or patch up a wall you have just chased and laid a conduit to house your wringing.

You don’t need a full bag of quick set or even want the hassle of using a bag that will probably rip or tear. What’s worse is you only need a small amount and once opened the bag will probably be rock hard in a week due to the fact it hasn’t been sealed properly. However, as soon as I saw the bucket container from Cement Australia it all made perfect sense.

There is a plastic bag containing the product inside the container/bucket, which means the container itself becomes the vessel to mix and prepare the Rapid Set Mortar.

To mix the product I threw my SDS mixing bit onto my hammer drill and added approximately 175ml of water per 1kg of product. Now, remember this is a quick setting mortar so don’t mix more than you need or you will be throwing away a bucket load of wasted product.

This is a no-fuss premix that is perfect for use around the home and building site, patching up the mess the plumbers have left, repointing on the block, brick and rendered surfaces.

Once mixed it has very nice workability and an excellent bond to concrete and masonry. One bucket is enough to bed one standard toilet pan.

Test 1: Let’s Get It On

On the site I was working on there were both internal and external applications that were perfect to use the Rapid Set Mortar on. The first task was to patch up brickwork that had seen better days. The wall was going to be covered so we didn’t need to keep it tidy, it was just an exercise in strengthening up the wall and filling the holes. Our first batch was probably just a tiny bit too dry, but it still went on well and we used this batch to also go over some conduit that needed to be covered. This was going to be covered in sandstone at a later date but it still served the purpose of holding the cables inside the conduit in the right position.

We did up a second and third batch to finish off the bucket, which was perfect for a few general patch-ups, including a driveway edge and a drain pipe. Once you start looking around it’s amazing how many uses we found for this product.


This is a great product for tackling those annoying tasks that have been building up in the back of your mind. You know the ones – the drain base repair in the laundry, the small chunk of the driveway that has been missing for the last 12 months, the crappy brickwork around the shed that you have been talking about repointing. Everyone has one of those lists and this is just the product to sort it all out.

With a working temperature range of between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius there is plenty of flexibility with this product; just don’t work directly in the sun on a hot day because it might start to set before you are ready. Make sure you have everything prepped and ready to apply once mixed.

Cement Australia has produced plenty of useful products and if you haven’t tried them out yet then this could be the perfect product to start testing out their range.

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