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Cagroup Byute Flash®

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There are not many other products around that have as many potential uses as CAgroup’s Byute Flash. Preventing leaks across an impressive number of materials like roofing, guttering and caravans; and jobs like sealing skylights, doors and adjoining building surfaces, cracked windows, race tape, air conducting and chimney repairs.

This unique product can also be used for dampening car engine noise by being placed under the carpet in the footwells of car projects or keeping the garden shed or garage dry all year round. You are now starting to get the idea that this product isn’t just for patching holes or leaks on a roof. There are so many innovative uses for this flexible and easy-to-use product. It combines the flexibility of Byutl with the longevity of aluminium, which means it will also offer long-term repair qualities.

Like any flashing product there are few necessary steps that need to be followed to obtain the best results possible. Excellent results are obtained by this unique product when the correct steps are followed.

Step 1. Start by giving surfaces a good clean by using a wet rag to remove any debris, muck or dirt. Any dirt or material left on surfaces can significantly reduce the product’s success so really make sure the surface is clean.

Step 2. Thoroughly dry the surface with a cloth. If any remaining dirt or debris is present give the surface a second clean and dry.

Step 3. Cut the Byute Flash with a knife or scissors to the desired size.

Step 4. Apply the cut Byute Flash to the clean and dry surface. Smooth down and mould into place to ensure a flat and solid bond is achieved.

Step 5. Overlap adjoining strips by a minimum of 25mm.

Its widespread to find leaks where older metal roofing and flashings have failed due to rust or wearing two different materials like brick and metal. On our roof we had this exact situation, which the Byute Flash was used to create a watertight seal and fix our leak. We used a brush to clean the brickwork first, then gave our metal roof a good wipe down and dried it off. Once clean we cut the Byute Flash to size and moulded into the shape of the required patch. The Byute Flash rubber adhesive sticks to everything, even in very cold conditions, which is why CAgroup moved to Byutl rubber as their adhesive.

After recent hail storms on the east coast of Australia, there are many homes still waiting for permanent repairs or have damage that will be repaired not replaced. The Byute Flash is perfect for this use. We had a patio with a clear/ tinted polycarbonate corrugated roof covering that had split and had holes from hail damage for this test. The landlord of this property didn’t want to replace this material so we used the Byute Flash to repair these holes and splits to create watertight repairs. The splits were fixed in minutes with ease.

A property with a recent water leak that had rotted framework needed some repairs was being cut back for access. As a small area of cladding needed to be removed and then patched, the Byute flash was used to protect the framework from further water damage by stopping any water penetrating the cladding joins and entering the framework. As the homeowner did not want to remove entire lengths of cladding, the Byute flash proved to be an excellent and cheaper option to quickly and easily protect the framework.

The more we used the Byute Flash, the more potential uses and fixes that came to mind. This product can be used for temporary fixes to dangerous situations like broken windows or to stop water leaks and damage in short-term fixes until more permanent work is undertaken. It can be used in situations where a cheap fix is required when more expensive works either aren’t possible or need to be held off until a later date.

The CAgroup Byute Flash® is an excellent addition to a vast number of various trade’s workflows. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, handymen and home DIY renovators can all have great success with this excellent product.

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