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The role of a top-quality flashing or damp course product is an important one. It’s very important that it remains impervious to moisture movement and provides a complete and permanent moisture barrier in the protection against damage to buildings and the health of the occupants through rising moisture.

The CA Group’s Aldamp is a fully annealed, 99 per cent pure aluminium strip, fully coated in bitumen with a light sand dusting. But it’s not just its water/ moisture proof nature that makes this product such a stand out (even though it’s an excellent start), the flexible nature of the aluminium allows it to be folded and moulded (pardon the pun) into a vast array of shapes and configurations for external and internal setups. Well-trained professional Bon Rich from BR Masonry produces origami-like flashing from the roll that even a Japanese origami master would be proud of. Bon’s clients don’t necessarily get to appreciate the artistic nature of his work, but they do get to enjoy top quality brick and block work that stands the test of time with zero moisture issues like rising damp and mould.

Bon invited us onsite to a solid project he has been working on that had now reached the top level, with a mixture of specialty external bricks and common internal house bricks being laid. Bon shared, “There are some excellent quality snakeskin-type products we have used from the CA Group before, but personally for my high-end clients I prefer to use the Aldamp product from the CA Group. It is one of the best products of this type.


I have used and it’s never let me down. It is extremely tough and impervious to moisture, but it’s great to work with when it comes to folding and fanning into specific shapes for a range of situations.

Bon continued, “We also use the Aldamp for door jam and window openings. It’s this type of flexibility that makes it a stand-out product. The boys are all very comfortable using this product, and it just allows us to focus on what we are getting paid to do, and that’s lay bricks and blocks on stunning homes.”

One of the advantages of the Aldamp product is its flexibility in a range of building and brick configurations. The boys from BR Masonry used the Aldamp in a couple of different ways when testing the product. The first was on a slab where an external wall was being built, which would face across the back yard. The slab itself was stepped down below the internal floor height to allow for a screed bed and tiles. In this instance a course of external brick was laid first then the flashing was placed before it was set into place a course above the ground level to allow for any moisture to quickly drain out of the weep holes. With one course below floor level and one course above floor level, the 300mm width roll of Aldamp provided the perfect damp course layer.

For the internal walls, the Aldamp was used directly onto the slab to stop any moisture moving into the brickwork.

The Wrap-Up

The CA Group’s Aldamp damp course product received the big thumbs up from the brickies at BR Masonry for its top-shelf protection against moisture and ability to fold and shape into perfect flashing for a range of internal and external corners. The range comes in both 10m and 30m length rolls and is available in sizes from 110, 150, 230, 300, 350, 380 and 450mm widths in the standard yellow grade, and from 110, 150, 230, 300, 350, 380, 450mm in the Super Orange Grade.

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