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Byute Flash® All Purpose Weather Proofing Tape

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CAgroup has decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range, selling a broad range of products to the Australian and New Zealand building and plumbing merchant market.

CAgroup offer a full range of roof flashings, damp proof course products, silicone sealants, insulation foil, brazing alloys, concrete expansion jointing and polythene underlay along with a range of other building products.

With sales and distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, CAgroup prides themselves on both the innovation and quality of their products. Production of their products is to the highest quality standards and complies with Australian building standards.

One of CAgroup’s most impressive products is their aluminium foil coated weather-proofing tape with thick butyl rubber adhesive known as Byute Flash®. The butyl rubber adhesive feature means that it is suitable for use for weather proofing joints and seams. Byute Flash® has so many uses, such as repairs to roofing, guttering, downpipe or water tank tops, sealing joint around sky-lights, doors or adjoining building surfaces and weather sealing seams around caravans, trucks, tool sheds and so much more!

Byute flash® is one of the most versatile repair tapes available and has been formulated with high tack butyl to ensure it adheres permanently to clean, dry surfaces, such as metals, brick, cement, PVC, fibreglass, glass and timber.

Byute Flash® is extremely easy to use and can be cut with a knife or scissors and once the tape is applied firmly and smoothed down, it can be moulded into place.

So why not give it a go for your next repair project and see for yourself about the beauty of the Byute Flash® product!

Byute Flash® all-purpose weather proofing tape comes in the following roll sizes:

  • 50MM and 75MM x 3MTR
  • 50MM, 75MM, 100MM,150MM,200MM and 300MM x 10MTR

Byute Flash® is available for purchase at a wide range of plumbing and building supply stores.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Find out more about Byute Flash® by visiting www.cagroup.com.au[/colored_box]

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