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Buildex Roof-Lok

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Buildex Roof-Lok is the new innovative cyclonic assembly, designed for both square and corrugated roof profiles for ultimate roof holding performance in a cyclone.

Roof-Lok has been tested and passed by James Cook University with Deemed to Comply Approval, delivering even better results than Buildex Square-lok and Corri-lok plates. So roofing contractors have the confidence that there is no compromise in performance moving to the one plate for both corrugated and square roof profiles.

Roof-Lok has ultimate roof holding capability. With a larger contact area, it dramatically improves the ability to hold down the roof when compared to conventional 25mm bonded washer systems. So in cyclone prone zones you want to ensure that you are going the roof the best chance of survival with Roof-lok which is suitable for roofs designed for Category 5 cyclones.

Roof-lok helps prevent water entry with the double washer system which consists of an upper and larger lower 19mm EPDM seal with a recess holding this in place.

Roof-lok also self aligns to the roofing profile when under uplift load even when installed off centre.

Roof-Lok has Climaseal corrosion protection which sets the standard in anti-corrosive coatings. It is available in RoofZIPs, Type 17s and Metal Teks and can be ordered in all available Colorbond colours.

Roof-lok has also been designed developed, tested and manufactured in Australia specifically to comply with Rollformer cyclonic design standards, so you can have the confidence that Roof-lok will ultimate roof holding capability in a cyclone.

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