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Buildex® Metal-To-Metal Fixing Solutions

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Quality fixing solutions are important in establishing the integrity of your build – and ensuring the job lasts for many years. For that reason, no matter the challenge, choose Buildex® products for your projects every time.

Innovation That Lasts

For 100 years, the building industry has trusted Buildex® to design and manufacture proven fastening solutions. Known for superior product performance, corrosion protection and expert technical knowledge, as well as rigorous testing in the harshest of Australian environments – innovation and product quality are at the core of product development, delivering built-to-last solutions. In addition, Buildex® unique fastener point designs provide industry-leading drill performance that saves time and money.

Corrosion Protection

Using the best building products to withstand Australia’s unique climatic challenges is paramount. Climaseal® has been uniquely formulated to react and form complete long-life protection. Designed to conform to AS3566 Class 3 and has undergone real-life atmospheric testing.

Metal-To-Metal Fixing

The Buildex® 12-24 Hex Head Series 500® Teks® Screw is an all-purpose metal-to-metal fixing product with a drill capacity of up to 12mm. It’s utilised for fixing of thick steel purlin and hot rolled steel – predominantly in the plumbing and steel fabrication industries, where thicksteel section is in use. Used for roofing, signage, fire protection equipment, pipes and cable saddles. Specifically, there’s a sealing washer available for when a watertight finish is required for roof or wall cladding, signs and plumbing fittings.

Features And Benefits Of the Hex Head Series 500® Teks® Screw:

  • Drill, tap and fasten in one simple operation
  • Drill up to 12mm-thick steel with extra-long cutting flute
  • Hardened Series 500® Teks® point for faster installation
  • Hex head with washer face allows higher torque tolerance
  • Fine thread ensures a secure fastening into steel
  • Anti-corrosive Climaseal® 3 coating for external applications
  • Also available in 68mm with sealing washer for watertight finish

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