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Using treated pine for your next outdoor project? Make sure to use Zenith® Treated Pine Bolts!


Each year significant amounts of money are spent on the construction of decks, pergola’s, garden beds and outdoor settings, with many of these structures being built using treated pine. However, what most people don’t know however is that the chemical treatment found in treated pine makes these timbers more resistant and poses as a direct threat to the fixings used in holding these structures together. Currently, galvanised fasteners are currently the option most professionals settle for, but are not necessarily the best suited for those seeking to secure a long term investment. Therefore, when using treated pine, treated pine specific fasteners have become a necessity.

ITW Proline’s Zenith® treated pine bolt range is the latest product initiative to hit the market to combat the threat of treated pine. Utilising the newly developed and patented coating technology known as Tech-Shield™,  this new bolt range offers superior protection against the chemicals found in CCA and ACQ treated timbers responsible for causing accelerated rusting in regular galvanised materials.

Tech-Shield™ guarantees up to four times protection of galvanised bolts when used in treated pine, hence prolonging the life of the bolts and ensuring your structure is built to last. But what about aesthetics? The champagne-coloured finish, matching the shade of treated timber, takes care of that.

Zenith® Treated Pine bolts are now available in all leading retail hardware stores, providing trade professionals with a specific answer to their needs.

* Independent laboratory tested (according to ISO9227-06 or AS2331.3.1 Standard) Tech-Shield™ provides, on average, 3.9 times the protection of Zenith hot-dipped galvanised bolts when used in treated pine.


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