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Bostik Xtreme High Tack

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Bostik Xtreme High Tack is sticky stuff. So sticky in fact that it has an extremely high initial tack that is great for bonding many different materials without the need for fixation or supports during curing. Bricks, blocks and lots of other items will stay precisely where they are stuck right from the initial bond.

Xtreme is a professional-grade adhesive based on MSP (modified-silyl polymer) technology, which is designed to have extremely high initial tack and cures under the influence of atmospheric humidity to form a durable elastic rubber. This is one serious product!

The test bench was set and it was time to test the Bostik Xtreme High Tack against some of their leading competitors (product name covered for legal reasons). It was a head to head showdown with Bostik and three other similarly marketed high tack products.

A level line was drawn across the board to measure slippage during initial tack stages and to show how much sag was present when the introduction of weights were added to show the bond strength of each product. We used an electric caulking gun set to the same speed for each of the four products so the amount of adhesive was consistent. The adhesive was applied to each brick after giving it a good dust off and pushed onto the test board.

Two competitor products slipped straight away with the weight of the brick alone, so it was down to Bostik and Product A both showing good signs of initial tack. When it was time to add the weights we started with a 1.5kg plate and added one to each brick. So far so good as both products were holding, so we carefully removed the 1.5kg plate of each and added a 2.5kg weight, which I must admit is pretty massive for a freshly bonded adhesive. Right as I thought we were going to be able to add an additional 1.5kg weight to the mix, Product A started to sag and a second later gave way under the weight; 2.5kg mightn’t sound like much, but it is substancial when you are holding it in your hand.

We decided to further load up the Bostik Xtreme High Tack even more with additional 1.5 kg. This proved too much and the brick slid off the wall before we could grab a shot.

Another thing worth mentioning that further impressed us about Bostik’s performance on this test was that the Bostik loaded brick was the last brick out of the four that was pushed onto the wall, which meant it had the shortest time to achieve a bond. The initial two products slid straight off as soon as we let them go. Even after propping them up with supports while we glued the last two bricks, they still couldn’t support the weight of the brick.

Bostik Xtreme is a universal bonding adhesive and can be used on many different materials and applications. It works very well on stone, concrete, glass and mirrors, plasterboard, polyurethane, PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium including AlUCOBOND®,metals and alloys, stainless steel, galvanisers steel (including COLORbond®), HPL and cement fibre panels, and wood and paint systems.

Phew, that was a big list, but it shows the Bostik Xtreme High Tack’s versatility. This product is extremely useful when installing recessed wall lights in brickwork or concrete when housing needs to be installed before rendering. The initial grab is excellent so you can easily achieve flush and level without having to hold the wall box for ages. You’ll know that when you go to install the fitting because it will be exactly how you left it.

I recommend Bostik Xtreme High Tack to whoever will listen! It’s a high-grade, trade quality product that will save you time and money with a brilliant result.

Nice one, Bostik Xtreme!

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