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Bosch’s GWS 18V PSC Grinder

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The next level of power and control. The new Bosch 18 volt paddle switch grinder (GWS 18V 125 PSC) takes power, innovation and control to the next level.

Featuring a variable speed brushless motor for more runtime, power and motor life, it’s also packed full of the latest safety features Bosch has to offer. The Bosch sensor technology provides Kickback Control and Drop Control, which is a must-have for safety on site.

Drop Control sensors in the GWS 18V-125 PSC provide the user with an exclusive safety feature for enhanced protection. If the tool is dropped from the user’s hand, the sensors will detect the movement and shut down power to the tool upon impact to the ground. This protects the grinder from further damage and also from jumping around on the ground with a spinning disc.

The GWS 18V 125 PSC offers the world’s first variable speed paddle switch grinder with Kick Back control. Unlike a safety clutch, Kick Back control will shut down power to the motor completely if the tool bites or kicks before it is able to be ripped from the user’s hands. This is by far the most advanced safety feature on grinders in the market today.

Anti-vibration handles are included with the GWS 18V-125 PSC, which are designed to protect the user’s arms and hands from long-term nerve damage as a result or prolonged exposer to heavy duty grinding tasks.

Soft start, which allows the grinder to slowly build speed is another added safety feature. The Bluetooth connection of the GWS 18V-125 PSC allows this function to be managed and adjusted via the Bosch Toolbox App to the user’s requirements.

On the tool, the user interface informs users about the tool status, the charging status and if the tool is overheating, while offering an easily adjustable three-stage speed selection. The speed is easily adjusted at the touch of a button to suit the material and accessories in order to achieve optimum work results. The LED light is also helpful because it makes it easier to work in dark areas.

The GWS 18V 125 PSC paddle switch grinder has an ergonomic design for perfect handling of the tool in all positions.

Paired with a ProCORE18V battery this grinder puts out a massive 1000W of grinding power, equivalent to some corded grinders. This means that the cordless angle grinder can now also be used for extremely high power-intensive applications.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Tradies who need power and safety can turn to the GWS 18V PSC professional cordless angle grinder from Bosch. Available at all Bosch retailers, RRP $349.00.

For more information visit www.bosch-pt.com.au [/colored_box]

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