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Bosch World First 18V Connected Charger

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Introducing the Bosch Blue GAL 18V-160 C Professional charger – the fastest 18 volt battery charger in the market.

Designed to increase charging speed for less downtime and more productivity on site. The GAL 18V-160C has twice the speed of Bosch’s previous best charger, the GAL 1880 Professional! It will charge your ProCORE18V 12.0Ah battery to 80% in only 35 minutes and 4.0Ah battery from zero to 50% in 9 minutes with BOOST MODE.

The GAL 18V-160 C charger has four different charging modes that are all regulated so there is no harm to the battery, including Power Boost mode for charging in the shortest time, Long-life mode for reduced voltage to extend battery life, and Storage mode for long-term storage to improve battery life. In addition, the charger is the world’s first with a connectivity function to check progress, send alerts to your phone, check battery health and the remaining charge time. Simply connect the charger to a smartphone or tablet through the Bosch Toolbox app to check the health of the batteries.

Other features of the GAL 18V-160 C charger includes active air cooling to ensure the heat is managed, which means you can start charging your battery sooner. The GAL 18V-160 C charger is 100% compatible with all Bosch batteries and is a must have for fast charging and cordless solutions on site.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Available now at Bosch retailers for $249 RRP.

For more information visit www.bosch-pt.com.au[/colored_box]

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