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Bosch GCM 18V-216 Brushless Mitre Saw

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Battery-powered drop saws aren’t ground-breaking news anymore. Pretty much every major tool company has had a crack at it over the last 1-2 years, with some being more successful than others – leaving the average tradie thinking:“I’ll just leave mine plugged in that bit longer until the technology between motor and battery advances a little more.”

For the team at Bosch, that time has now arrived with their brand new BITURBO brushless drive train combined with ProCORE18V batteries to deliver the equivalent of corded power, with the freedom of cordless. Remember the new BITURBO name because you are going to hear a lot more of it moving forward.

The new GCM 18V-216 Brushless Mitre Saw is, as the name suggests, a 216mm saw blade capacity that produces, wait for it… 1600W of brushless motor power. It’s the new BITURBO brushless technology that has achieved this with only one battery.

Another excellent new addition is the largest cut capacity (70x270mm), which sets a new standard in its class. On top of that, the GCM 18V-216 is the only cordless saw on the market with a tool-free blade change feature.

When it came time to stop ogling over this impressive beast and start ripping through some timber it was a silky-smooth experience. Yes, it had the new blade on it that came pre-installed, but it just felt smooth and effortless. After the first four or five cuts I found myself hunting around for thicker sections on various bits of timber I had on hand. It was a joy to use even when I maxed out the cutting depth. Regardless of if you’ve already been converted to Bosch or you use another brand, you will have no choice but to appreciate the level of cutting power and quality of this cordless mitre saw. As I completed more and more cuts of various hardness and thickness of timber, I was waiting to notice a change in the performance of the cut, which didn’t eventuate.

When it came time to cutting mitres and bevels, the range of the saw was impressive. On the mitre side of things it achieves 47 degrees on the left and the right. On the bevel side, it only cuts a 45-degree bevel on the left.

Bosch GCM 18v-216 Brushless Mitre Saw – Features

  • 1600W cordless BITURBO power
  • One hand carrying
  • Laser+ LED
  • Dust collector
  • Easy and smooth sliding function
  • Cordless sawing with corded performance
  • Adjustable guide fence

When I set up the saw I threw in a freshly charged 8Ah ProCORE18V battery, which effortlessly sliced through everything I threw at it. In terms of weight with the 8Ah it weighed in at 15.7kg and without the 8Ah came in at 14.7kg, which in itself was pretty impressive. You will have no dramas lifting the saw into the back seat or tray of your ute with one hand. The winning combination of this mitre saw is the combo of Bosch’s best motor ever (BITURBO) and best battery ever (GBA 8AH M-C ProCORE18V).

It’s an excellent time to take a little more detailed look at the 8Ah ProCORE18V because it has undergone some equally important changes in recent times.


Essentially this battery has 21700 Advanced Li-ion 40T cells, which produce an unbelievable 1600W power output. But get this, it’s up to 11% smaller, up to 35% lighter and is producing up to 2 x the power and run time of older 18V battery cells. The Exclusive Coolpack 2.0 housing ensures heat is removed from the battery faster and more efficiently than any other battery pack. This means the battery runs cooler for longer and extends the lifetime by 135% of those without it. Using ProCORE18V with older Bosch 18V Professional tools means users can experience up to 150% more applications per charge.

Do yourself a favour and make an opportunity to experience the power of ProCORE18V for yourself. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to let the cat out of the bag, but my sources tell me come September (or thereabouts) a 12Ah ProCORE18V beast of a battery will make an appearance in Australia and it’s smaller and lighter than its competitors.

Attachments Included In The Box:

  • Dust bag
  • Material clamp
  • SDS saw blade lock
  • Insert plates
  • Saw blade

I know a lot of tradies are very passionate about their preferred brands and are usually very loyal, but before making any judgement on any new tech or products, give it a try first and make an informed judgement based on your own experience. Who knows, you might be shocked at what you find.

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