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Bosch Brushless Rotary Hammers

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The Bosch 18V SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer packs a punch in the range of brushless rotary hammers.

The GBH18V-26D is the first cordless D-handle rotary hammer with integrated KickBack Control for maximum user safety. If the rotary hammer jams while drilling the kickback control sensors will shut down power to the motor, stopping dangerous rotational forces and saving users from serious injury. The hammer delivers 2.6 joules of impact energy with a 26mm drilling capacity for maximum performance in heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiselling. The new D-shape handle reduces the effort and fatigue involved in working with the tool, particularly with overhead drilling and repetitive tasks below the knees.

The 18V Bulldog rotary hammer features a versatile three mode operation for drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling. With a powerful and lightweight brushless motor to maximise battery runtime in heavy duty concrete jobs, the Bulldog is also equipped with Electronic Motor Protection, which protects the motor from overload. Power is provided by the ProCORE18V battery in either 8.0Ah or 12.0Ah for ultimate runtime on site.

Paired with the new GDE18V-26D 18V Dust Extraction attachment (optional attachment), the GBH 18V-26D Bulldog provides Australia compliant dust-free concrete drilling for the user. The GDE 18V-26D can be attached to the rotary hammer when required and is powered by its own 18V battery, meaning more runtime for the battery on the tool.

It also fits on both corded GBH2-26L and GBH2-26F rotary hammers from Bosch. The integrated HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger providing reliable dust protection for the user.

Both the GBH 18V-26D hammer drill $419.00 RRP and GDE 18V-26D dust extraction system $209.00 RRP are available at all Bosch Authorised Retailers.

For more information visit www.bosch-pt.com.au

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