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Bosch Blue GWS 19 Angle Grinder

by admin2

Words / Matt Page. Images / Jamie Gray

Don’t let its size fool you! Bosch Blue’s GWS 19 is a small angle grinder with a very powerful 1900W motor. You would think this extra power would come with extra weight but the GWS 19 has a power-to-weight ratio of only 2.4kg (with anti-vibration handle) with excellent ergonomics, which is a pleasure to use.

It’s pretty impressive on start-up and you can really feel the power from this tiny beast. It has around 50 per cent higher torque than the GWS 19-125 and is well suited to heavy-duty grinding applications and perfectly suited for ceramic accessories. From cutting to flap discs and brushes, the GWS 19 is hungry for it.

It’s also packed with user-protection features. Kick-back control will cut off the machine in the event of a kick back, which is a huge safety feature. If a power out occurs, restart protection will not turn the machine back on when power is restored, even when the switch is set in the ‘on’ position. Soft start will eliminate start-up kicks for user safety and the anti-rotation guard and anti-vibration auxiliary handle is also included. Vibration is a big concern for tools of this type, especially when used for long periods because the user becomes fatigued. The vibration from this tool is soaked up very nicely and it can be used comfortably for extended periods.

Productivity will definitely be boosted with the GWS19 because the extra power yet small body makes this tool easy to manoeuvre and use. The extra power will also give you the extra grunt for applications where previous grinders would lack. Heavy-duty metal work, ship building, mining and oil rigs are the main purposes for the extra power, but it can be harnessed by anyone looking at a new heavy-duty yet ultra-compact grinder.

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