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Bosch Blue Gws 18v-125 Psc

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It’s no secret the traditional power switch on angle grinders has been far from perfect. My experiences over the years have been that they can be harder to turn on than Hugh Heffner at the Mardi Gras.

The switch is typically really tough to slide forward to turn on, and just as hard to push back. When you combine this with a cold winter morning, they can be a right pain in the… thumb. Due to the nature of the power and destructive force of the grinder, this has been a necessary evil to ensure no accidental activation of the tool happens when in transportation.

The new Bosch Blue GWS 18V-125 PSC Paddle Switch Grinder leaves all those issues behind with an extremely clever, safe and comfortable paddle switch design. This new design not only offers greater control of the grinder but increases the safety of the tool. Packed with all the safety features synonymous with Bosch grinders and featuring high performance Bosch Brushless motor, this tool takes cordless grinders to a whole new level of power and performance. 35% more power and 110% more run time when using a Bosch ProCORE18V 7.0ah battery. Substantial gains that are not to be sneezed at.


Bosch Blue has continued their focus on keeping user safety in mind with the inclusion of Kick Back Control, Drop Control, Restart Protection, Soft Start and Vibration Control. All features that we have seen before in previous models that have proved themselves as valuable additions to the tool’s feature list. The Kickback Control, in my opinion, is a must for any quality grinder and a standout on this tool because no one wants any sudden kickback when using a tool with this type of power and cutting potential.



Another great addition I was delighted to see was Bluetooth Connectivity. Designed for two way communication between your smart phone and the tool, this allows transfer of usage information as well as tool control. Using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy, BTLE, design it has a range of 30m. With benefits like customisation of power and functionality The backlit front display lets you know precisely where your battery is at regarding remaining power and the super easy 3 stage variable speed makes ramping up or down power when in use a breeze, with the push of a single button. Bosch Blue has even included a temperature warning light to let you know if you are pushing the tool too hard..


Make no doubt all these features and improvements are very impressive, but let’s get back to the key new addition of this tool: the paddle switch. The new switch is located perfectly under the grinder tofit really well into your grasp and feels great. It’s comfortable and a much easier and safer way to turn on the grinder. The addition of a dead man function ensures the tool cannot be accidentally activated; a squeeze of the paddle alone will not activate the grinder. The dead man switch needs to be pushed forward before the main paddle can be depressed and the grinder activated. As you squeeze harder and further depress the paddle switch the grinder smoothly responds before the paddle is fully depressed and the tool is at full power.

Across the various materials and positions we used in our testing, the grinder responded very well. With the flap disc on, we had our rusted up old tube gleaming in seconds. When we swapped the flap disc out for a new friction cutting disc the blade effortlessly cut through the metal tube in no time. However, to get a real indication of the new-found performance of the Bosch Blue GWS 18V-125 PSC Paddle Switch Grinder we grabbed a UB with a top flange of 12mm– again, the grinder was more than up to the challenge and made relatively short work of the 12mm thick cut. Outputting the equivalent power of a 1000W tool this grinder is no show pony and is ready to take on significant tasks.


For me, this design is far superior to that of previous traditional grinders. The ease of use and added control gained through the paddle switch and its ergonomics is a definite standout. Combined with all the other improvements in performance, run time and safety features, the Bosch Blue GWS 18V-125 PSC Paddle Switch Grinder has risen to the top of an impressive stack.




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