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Bosch Blue GLI 4000 & 10000 Cordless Floodlights

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Bosch is set to introduce a new benchmark in cordless floodlights for the worksite.

The GLI 4000 and GLI 10000 will produce a massive 4000 and 10000 lumens of lighting power respectively. The GLI 10000 will be the world’s first 18V cordless floodlight to be producing 10000 lumens from a single battery, which equates roughly to a 600-700 Watt 240V halogen floodlight.

Running leads, connecting to running power, and getting your lights tested and tags will become a thing of the past with these two new 18V cordless units. The benefits do not stop there, the new lights are fully connected to your smart device through the Bosch ToolBox app, which allows you to control the brightness levels and on/off feature remotely. This means you can light up the jobsite in the morning with the touch of a button.

The advances with Bosch ProCORE18V batteries, which now range from 4.0Ah to 12.0Ah, ensure you can power your jobsite for hours on end without the need to recharge or swap the battery out. The lights also have a 5 stage battery display indicator to ensure you are never caught in the dark.

The GLI 4000 and GLI 10000 floodlights are packed full of extra features, including:

  • A safety frame to protect the LEDs should the unit be dropped or knocked around on the building site
  • A shock-absorbing rubber frame to protect the unit from impact to the ground
  • Supreme robustness with one piece solid metal body
  • Integrated cooling fins to ensure the lights and units do not over-heat during use
  • Tripod mountable with 5/8” thread size
  • 5 stage battery status indicator – The user interface: allows easy identification of current brightness setting and shows current charging state of inserted battery at all times
  • IP64 rating due to splash proof and dust-tight IP cover and protection sealing

The GLI 4000 and GLI 10000 will be available for purchase in November 2019 from select Bosch retailers. GLI 4000: $349

GLI 10000: $449

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Learn more about the Bosch Blue Range at www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/[/colored_box]

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