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Bosch Blue GGS 18V-23 LC Professional

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Straight or die 240V grinders have become more popular over the years and up until now a battery version just hasn’t had enough grunt.

The Bosch Blue GGS 18V-23 LC teamed up with the new 18V ProCORE 8.0Ah batteries has made this dream a reality, and provides this cordless beast with the power of a 1000W corded tool! It’s said to have 35 per cent more power and a runtime 100 per cent longer than the current model with 5.0Ah battery.

Milling applications wouldn’t be possible but the GGS 18V-23 LC is now opening up a wider range of applications for the tool.

The straight grinder is perfect for machining surfaces, debut edges, sand-off weld seams, polishing, and separate or carryout finishing work – now all possible without the cord! This has made the tool more manoeuvrable, portable and much safer onsite or in the workshop.

No more finding power, no more leads running along the floor to get tangled or trip on… much safer.

The GGS 18V-23 LC is well balanced and extremely easy to use for long periods of time. It has a narrow handle and weighs only 1.4kg, which means less fatigue, better control of the tool and a precise finish. The cordless straight grinder pumps out a massive 23,000rpm and you can really feel the power from the brushless motor.

The usp-connected tool allows you to connect your tool to the Bosch app on your phone with Bluetooth connectivity, which means even greater control of your tool! There is a huge list of safety features incorporated into this grinder, including drop control, which will shut the tool off in the event of a fall and kickback control will also shut down the tool in the event of a jam. Restart protection, soft start and a very efficient brake are all welcomed additions. The end user was priority when designing the GGS 18V-23 LC for usability and safety.

When testing the GGS 18V-23 LC we also had the corded 650W version on hand to do a comparison between the cordless 1000W brushless GGS 18V-23LC. The power difference was substantial, along with the massive 23,000rpm.

Torque and revolutions per minute (rpm) are what makes a good grinder and the control, manoeuvrability and power were more than impressive. We used a variety of bits and polishing attachments and the outcome was the same regardless of the task – a very impressed end user! The GGS 18V-23 LC had noticeably more power and control with the array of smart safety features.

Now that the cord has been disconnected and there is plenty of power under the hood, the new Bosch Blue GGS 18V-23 LC has become an unstoppable beast. Whether you are out on site or in the workshop this cordless straight grinder will open up a new array of possibilities.

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