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Bosch Blue Gas 35 M AFC And Gas 55 M AFC Vacuums

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Bosch Professional Power Tools are leading the charge against dust to fight the war on silicosis for people working with materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, sandstone, granite and manufactured stone. They are helping to combat and reduce the risks of the irreversible disease. #MakeDustHistory

When Bosch Blue sent us the GAS 35 M AFC and GAS 55 M AFC vacuums along with the SpeedClean accessory drill bits we were very interested to see just how impressive this system is. We were expecting some notable dust reduction, but what we weren’t prepared for was a massive start-to-finish install time reduction of up to 50 per cent.

Silicosis has been labelled the new asbestosis. In fighting against this disease, Bosch has made a commitment to providing products that are both high quality and designed to keep their users safe. They offer complete solutions with their vacuums, drill attachments and even Bosch SpeedClean accessory drill bits for SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. These SpeedClean accessory drill bits in conjunction with the vac system can eliminate the steps of having to clean the holes when using standard anchors, making for a significantly faster process.

The vacuums are both M class certified filter and machine, which means they are perfect for extracting hardwoods, blue boards, concrete and bricks. The AFC in the name also means they are fitted with the Automatic Filter Clean system, which will do as it says and automatically cleans the filter every 15 seconds. This feature is a must for anyone that uses a vacuum with a chasing tool, grinder or other tools that produce significant dust because it keeps the filter from blocking up with fine concrete and brick dust.

It also has constant suction power for continuous work with a variable setting,

which means you won’t get any puffs of dust when the filter is being cleaned. This is excellent when you need to do any brick or concrete chasing in a finished house to eliminate dust that can venture into the house – perfect for those that do bathroom and kitchen renovations and need to keep the rest of the house clean.

Both the vacuums feature Automatic Shutdown for wet vacuuming, which will shut the tool down when the max fluid level is reached and protect the motor from water damage – this is something I wish I had on an old competitor vacuum that died from this issue. The vacuums also have flow rate sensors, which have an audible signal when the flow rate drops below the minimum airflow ensuring a high level of user protection and allows you to stop in time to minimise escaping dust.

Power Is Key To A Serious VAC  System

Both models are packing a powerful 1380-watt of suction with turbines delivering up to 254 mbar, which is perfect for dust extraction in wet and dry conditions. The main difference between the two vacs is one being a 35 litre capacity and the other 55 litre capacity.

The 55 litre also has a larger push handle, frame and non-marking wheels. Both units have the L-Boxx integration, which allows you to stack and lock in your L-Boxx for easy transportation into site.

For our testing, Bosch sent us the SpeedClean accessory drill bits, which if you are not familiar with, are hollow drill bits for SDS and SDS Max heavy-duty drilling applications. There was an old driveway on site that was going to be ripped up down the track and made the perfect test slab for us to test out the vac systems. First of all, we opted for a no vacuum test hole, and as you would expect a mound of dust soon built up around the test hole. If this was overhead or wall drilling, without the vacuum this dust would have been airborne and potentially inhaled by the operator or another tradie on site. For our next test holes we connected the SpeedClean accessory drill bits to the vacuum system and proceeded to drill out multiple holes with zero dust escaping the powerful suction of the vac. It is a truly impressive system as the SpeedClean drill bits extracts the dust simultaneously while drilling.

Bosch has produced two excellent warriors here for the fight against dust. The vacuums are robust with plenty of suction power and features to make sure you get the job done efficiently and safely. This is just a small taste of their range so check out the rest of Bosch’s Dust Solutions range, including: grinder attachments, SpeedClean accessories, vacuums and more. Bosch will help you and your mates stay healthy and site-compliant with their complete dust solutions range.

Well done, Bosch!

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