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BMW Concept Ninety

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91 years of BMW Motorrad, 91 years of two-wheeled history – hardly another motorcycle manufacturer can boast such a longstanding and successful heritage as BMW. The BMW R 90 S likewise has cause to celebrate: the BMW Motorrad design icon turned 40 last year.

Back in 1973, BMW unveiled its flagship model to the global public. Boasting a top speed of just over 200 km/h, it was one of the fastest production bikes of its day and went on to claim numerous prizes in a variety of race series. Together with its sporty tail end and striking Daytona Orange paintwork, it endowed the BMW R 90 S with an unmistakable identity. It wasn’t long before other manufacturers were gracing their motorcycles with aerodynamically honed fairings. “The BMW R 90 S hails from an era in which bikers were regarded as outlaws,” comments Edgar Heinrich, Head of BMW Motorrad Design. “There was something rebellious about it – it was fast, loud and wild.”

The BMW Concept Ninety resurrects this spirit of the emotionally charged boxer superbike. The fairing, tank, seat and tail instantly signal its family bond with the BMW R 90 S. But whereas halogen was technically cutting-edge in the BMW R 90 S era, contemporary LED elements light up the face of the BMW Concept Ninety.

Many of the high-quality parts of the BMW Concept Ninety hail from custom bike specialists Roland Sands Design in California. In close collaboration with BMW Motorrad Design, the Roland Sands Design team designed and manufactured these parts specially for the BMW Concept Ninety. “Everything just fits together perfectly: the BMW technology, the BMW heritage and our custom parts complement each other beautifully,” comments Roland Sands on the result of this collaboration.

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