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Blundstone #998 And #242 Work Boot

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The name Blundstone conjures visions of not only sturdy work boots but also style, longevity and good old-fashioned Australian manufacturing know-how.

If you jump onto the Blundstone website and check out the company’s historical timeline, I’m sure you will be impressed with the global achievements of the family owned Tasmanian company. I don’t want to turn this product test into a history lesson, but if you’re interested it’s a good read.

It’s always a pleasure wearing a top-quality pair of work boots; for me comfort, support and durability are normally the top features I look for. Putting on the Blundstone #998 and #242 safety work boots didn’t disappoint on the comfort and support factors, in fact I’d confidently go as far as saying they would be right up there in the most comfortable safety work boots I’ve ever put on.

This comfort and support come from a couple of key facts, essentially the #998 and #242 are loaded with safety and comfort features. Technology is a key area of the success that has been the backbone of the company since their earliest days. Working with the CSIRO in decades past and implementing their own advanced technologies has seen Blundstone’s superior boots end up on the feet of our Australian soldiers in both World Wars.

Today’s Blundstone boots include features like water-resistant uppers, heavy-duty side zips, steel-capped and TPU moulded bump caps, and SPS Max and XRD® Technology for extreme impact protection, shock absorption and superior comfort.


  • Wheat water-resistant nubuck leather upper
  • XRD® Technology
  • Sole 300ºC heat resistant
  • Bamboo lining
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Oil acid resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • SPS comfort
  • Steel toe cap

The #998

The #998 is a premium boot with great ankle support, which for me and my dodgy left ankle (which has seen me on crouches for up to six weeks stints on numerous occasions) is exactly the type of support I need. The addition of bamboo lining for thermal control means even my stinky feet won’t walk off on their own after a month or two of daily wear in summer. Especially when combined with Blundstone’s own antibacterial, anti-odour, enviro-friendly extra thick, bamboo socks.

As I mentioned earlier the comfort factor has a lot to do with the SPS Max Comfort System and XRD Technology in the footbed, forepart and heel strike zone of the midsole. This footbed is also anti-bacterial, breathable and washable. All Blundstone safety work boots adhere to Standard AS 2210.3:2019 and Standard ASTM F2413-18.

The #998 is also heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius, electrical hazard resistant, oil and acid resistant, slip-resistant and include a steel toe cap. You can feel the quality and can rely on Blundstone’s hard-earned reputation of durability.


  • Water-resistant black leather
  • Zipped side
  • Luxury comfort arched footbed
  • Sole 140ºC heat resistant
  • Breathable, moisture wicking lining
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Oil acid resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • SPS comfort
  • Steel toe cap

Blundstone #242

The 242 also has an extremely impressive line-up of safety and comfort features, which include a TPU sole and breathable lining. The high-quality, black, water-resistant leather will be awesome for tradies and contractors. This 150mm height, side zipped, steel-capped safety boot, like its #998 brother, includes SPS Max and XRD technology for increased impact protection and comfort. The addition of the side zip is a great inclusion. The broad fitting, impact-resistant steel toe cap and steel shank, which ensures correct step flex and torsional stability, are consistent additions across the safety boot range and again breathable, moisture-wicking lining is a welcome inclusion.

The #242 isn’t quite as heat resistant as the #998, coming in at 140 degrees Celsius, but does share the majority of the other mentioned features.

The Wrap-Up

Any company that is prepared to provide a 30-day Comfort Guarantee has obviously done their homework and is more than confident in the comfort of their product – or they would simply be out of business in a month or two. Given the fact that the company has been operating since 1870, it’s safe to say they have stood the test of time. I love the fact that any buyer in Australia can return their boots if they aren’t happy with the comfort level of the boot. What better guarantee could you ask for?

In terms of quality, I have in the past made the mistake of buying a basic cheap boot, which essentially led to the boot falling apart after a month in wet, cold winter conditions. As well as developing a few foot pain problems due to the substandard design and support. The Blundstone manufactures warranty of six months proves the focus of the company is to produce tough, extremely comfortable and supportive safety work boots for harsh Australian conditions. I can’t recommend the Blundstone range of safety work boots highly enough. The best thing is they could even supply to a size 14, which at times can be just as tough as our Australian worksite environments.

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