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Blundstone #992 Work Boot

by editor

Blundstone’s 992 work boot has more features and high-quality specs than you could imagine in a work boot. It starts with the top-shelf materials used, then flows into the design and technologies incorporated for comfort and safety and ends in the high-quality production. The type that you would expect from a German Luxury Car company. So, considering Blundstone is a 150 year old proudly owned Tasmanian family business, BCM think this team deserve a pat on the back.

If you think about the critical requirements of a work boot for most tradies, it will go something like this:

Comfort: Not just the initial comfort when pulling on the boot but comfort over the entire workday, week, month etc.

Safety: What point is a safety boot if you aren’t protected? Yes, the toes are important, but so is the ankle support, sole protection and quality leather that protects from impacts and sharp objects.

Ease of getting the boot on and off: Your boots are a nuisance to take off and put back on when entering and exiting a client’s house several times a day. They just won’t be worn again on site after the first day if this element isn’t nailed.

So, after doing a bit of research into the 992 range from Blundstone, I was more than impressed by the depth of product features and specs in each of these areas. There’s not just one single solution into each of these categories but several which manage to seamlessly work into a hybrid solution of technologies, design, and materials.

There is no better way to test the comfort of a boot than to put it on and get to work. Which can mean a lot of different tasks and requirements for various trades. For landscapers, gardeners and labours who cover serious distances over a day pushing wheelbarrows or carrying bricks, blocks, pavers and alike, the boots move well with good flexibility and also lightweight even when you are doing kilometres across big sites every day. For trades whose tasks require a lot of crouching and kneeling, the flexible sole, ankle support and padding really locks you in place and provides excellent support. When you are working hard and getting up a sweat over long days, the thermal regulating bamboo lining and breathable anti-bacterial footbed keep the boots dry and fresh. They don’t seem to get the same foot odour as other boots I’ve owned. There is a luxury comfort footbed with XRD Extreme Impact Protection under your foot with various other materials with fancy names. But at the end of the day, all that counts is, are they fitting and feeling amazing…yes, they are, like a glove.

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to work boots. Over the years in not such great boots, I have rolled ankles, pierced the side of my boot with rio and been cut, along with having had nails protruding from timber piercing the soul of the boot, going deep into my foot. All of these various incidents occurred at a time when I was wearing cheap work boots, and I paid the price.

There are more elements contributing to the safety factor than I have room to mention, so I will cover the key elements. Water-resistant nubuck upper is lightweight but offers excellent protection from sharp objects. It will not tear and will also keep your feet dry.

The 150mm height with padded tongue and collar, along with the heavy-duty laces and YKK heavy-duty zip, offered excellent stability and support. With ankles like mine, this is a great feature that I need. Jarring impacts that occur in a large number of tasks on site are absorbed by both the previously mentioned footbed but also the low-density shock-absorbing polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole which is also non-slip, highly resistant to hydrolysis and heat resistant to 300 degrees celcius. The steel cap helps finish off the safety features with a broad fitting 200-joule impact resistant capability.

The perfect test for this feature is if I can get my feet in and out of the boots while keeping the laces done up and purely relying on the heavy-duty YKK zip. This sounds pretty straight forward, but you would be surprised how many work boots with zippers I have not been able to do this easily due to having size 14 feet. However the Blundstones get a big thumbs up for nailing this test.

The 992 have passed all the BCM tests with flying colours, and for those lads and ladies out there with big hoof’s, you will be happy to read they go up to a size 14. The 992’s felt great from the outset through to the end of the week, wearing the boots daily. Everyone always comments on a new pair of boots, especially when they are Blundstone’s, a good old-fashioned Australian owned success story.

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