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Blackhawk Fasteners SPEED DRIVE Screws

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“The SPEED DRIVE screws save us a lot of valuable time laying decking,” explains Daniel from Staunch Constructions in Victoria. “The fact that no pre-drilling is required is priceless to us.”

The small trim-head can cut through the decking board without burring the timber or creating any splinters.

The SPEED DRIVE screws have a 10 gauge thread, with a 6mm wide head. This makes them perfectly suited for decking boards less than 120mm, and makes them very discreet when installed.

The SPEED DRIVE range consists of 50mm and 65mm lengths, both in 304 Extreme stainless steel and 316 marine-grade stainless steel.

They also come with two FREE high-quality driver bits so you will never be without.

All Blackhawk Fasteners come in a reusable and recyclable plastic tub called Versi-Tub®. The foldable lid makes the screws easy to access and the integrated hanging tab on the back allows you to hang them up and use them as sturdy storage bins.

Blackhawk Fasteners are part of the ITI group of companies and are the only fastening company in Australia with over 30 years of experience in the timber industry. This means they understand and develop their screws for Australian timber products.

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