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Blackhawk Fasteners Decking Screws

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With a number of fastener brands available, Blackhawk Fasteners has managed to fly into the market with a product offering suited perfectly to the Australian market.

Backed by the experience and knowledge of ITI, the largest independent timber distributor in Australia, Blackhawk has managed to put together a range of decking screws designed with the Australian consumer in mind. Ranging from 40mm to 65mm, 8 to 12 gauge and with four different corrosion resistance levels, there is sure to be a screw to suit any decking project.

Included in their decking screw range, Blackhawk has launched two screws designed to increase productivity. The Speed Drive and Fusion series screws have points that pre-drill into hardwoods. This will reduce the time required to fasten your decking boards.

Having innovative in the company name (Innovative Timber Ideas), Blackhawk and ITI could not stop at the screw itself. All Blackhawk decking screws are supplied in a Versi-Tub™. This revolutionary packaging solution was designed and developed by ITI and will change the way consumers look at packaging. Gone are the days of single-use plastic boxes. The Versi-Tubs have a built-in hanger tab on the back. Tradies can now hang their screws next to their tools, then continue to use the tubs as storage after the screws have been used. Utilising every part of the packaging, Blackhawk have also integrated a bit holder into the underside of the foldable lid.

When you combine their high performance screws with the versatility of the Versi-Tubs, Blackhawk’s range of decking screws are really starting to take off!

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