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Alpha Gold Series TUFFBOX

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One look at the case and it’s easy to see why Alpha has named one of the drill sets TUFFBOX. The case is literally a tough box, with robust and rugged rubber grips and ABS plastic for heavy trade use.

One bit that has always seemed to fail on other competitor drill sets I have bought in the past is the locking catch, but the TUFFBOX appears to be a lot tougher than the others. Time will tell, but it’s an excellent sign because we haven’t even got to the drill bits yet.

As we all know it’s what’s inside the box that counts, so when I opened the TUFFBOX I was happy to be greeted with a shiny 25-piece drill bit set.

The Alpha Gold Series drill bits have a 135-degree split point that cuts through materials fast and reduces wandering of the drill bit for more precise drilling. This is extremely important when drilling into expensive finished materials when the smallest mistakes can be defected and very costly. I’m sure everyone has experienced this when using a crappy drill bit at least once in their career.

The drill bits are each coated with a titanium nitride, which reduces heat and increases lubricity (reduces friction) for extended life. The fully ground M2 HSS also increases the drill bit life, which means you can use these Alpha Gold Series bits for years to come. At the end of the day I think longevity is the real test of quality of a drill bit because pretty much all bits will cut through nicely for the first couple of uses, but most will lose their edge quickly after that.

Gold Series jobber drills are ideal for a wide range of materials including; steel, wood, plastic and stainless steel.

Built To Last

Good quality drill bits are a must in any serious tradesman’s toolbox. Buy crap, and you’ll be buying twice or even more, which in the long run ends up being a lot more expensive than buying a good set to begin with. Not only will you end up paying more over the lifetime, but you are losing a tonne of money on lost productivity by not having quality bits in the first place. Time is money, and inferior drill bits will either go blunt very fast or snap easily.

The Alpha Gold Series also comes in a SlimBox case in metric 13/19/25-piece sets or imperial 13/21/29-piece sets and the imperial in the TUFFBOX metric 19 and 25-piece sets and imperial in 21 and 29-piece sets.

The Right Speed For The Job

To keep your bits performing their best for as long as possible and to ensure you achieve the best finish, a FEEDS and SPEEDS chart is inside every drill bit set to help you choose the right drill speed for the material. I know most of us understand what speeds we like to use when drilling into various materials, but taking a quick refresher look at the chart really will help add even more longevity to your drill set.

The Alpha Gold Series bits have been a pleasure to use over the past month. They have survived heavy use into many different applications and still performing as they were when we first took them out of the box. The only thing I need to figure out now is how to make sure the other tradies onsite remember to return all the bits to the case because they’ve been pretty popular onsite!

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