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Alpha Gold Series Drill Bits

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Rigorous independent testing has proven that Alpha Gold Series drills outperform other drills on the Australian market by 30 per cent.

They drill faster and last longer than other drills. Increased lubricity and heat reduction through premium titanium nitride coating, coupled with full ground M2 HSS construction, substantially increases the longevity of Alpha Gold Series jobber drills.

A 135-degree split point reduces wandering and improves efficiency with faster cutting. Across the whole Alpha jobber drill range, Gold Series jobber drills are ideal for the widest range of materials including; steel, wood, plastic and stainless steel. These factors make for a faster, longer lasting, more versatile market-leading jobber drill.

Alpha Gold Series drills’ bulk jobber range has been extended to meet consumer demand of five packs in large jobber sizes. Drill sets are also available, including Tuffbox metric and imperial sets. Tuffbox sets come with a rugged plastic and rubber case, with a feeds and speeds chart inside every set. Bulk, single and pack options are available across all sizes. Keep an eye out for the signature Alpha black and yellow packaging in stores.

Get more holes for your dollar with Alpha Gold Series drill bits.

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