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aLINE AL-HVG Green Beam Laser

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The aLine AL-HVG Green Beam is a heavy duty horizontal and vertical rotating, self-levelling laser that is perfect for both general and interior construction applications.


Packed with features, you’ll have perfectly levelled work in no time. We fired the AL-HVG Green Beam up on site as well as out and about at the local park to test the 500m range claim made by aLine. It’s always nice when tools stack up to the claims made by the manufactures and the aLine did just that.

Within the robust hard case is everything you need to get your jobs done in many applications indoors and out. It contains: AL-HVG laser, detector and clamp, green safety glasses, remote control, rechargeable batteries, a charger and a wall mount bracket. All of which makes this the perfect kit for pretty much any and every levelling application. Builders, electricians, landscapers and other trades that rely on precise and accurate levels will appreciate the ease of use and accuracy of the aLine.

Plumb Up And Down

The plumb up and down beam was great for 90-degree layout work and made set outs a breeze. The green beam also spins clockwise and counter clockwise. Dual slope operation works great and makes grading a simple job, perfect for driveways, fall on slab works or landscapers for garden slopes.

The green beam makes it much easier to see than standard red lasers, especially in the daytime, but is also enhanced with green safety glasses. For times whenlight is an issue, or the distance is too far to physically see the laser, an included detector can be used, which provides a massive working range up to 500m. We completed a road test and even with plenty of traffic going past we were able to get a reading. After deciding it was a little too dodgy in that location, we headed to the park and launched the drone to measure our distance and even though it wasn’t a 500m test at over 300m it smashed it picking up the laser instantly.

The AL-HVG has excellent accuracy with +\-3mm over 30m so for most worksites this is more than capable. You’ll get around 20 hours runtime so you could easily get a good week of sporadic use before needing to recharge.

The unit is robust and heavy duty, built for onsite conditions and with an IP rating of IP54, it’s fine out in the elements so there’s no need to run it back inside when the rain hits or grinder cuts next to it. For me, this is an essential feature. Traditionally, lasers have needed to be treated with utmost care, which you do as the boss or the person who paid for the laser. However, other tradies will be using your laser so knowing that it’s built to cope with the rigours of the work site will give you peace of mind.

The aLine AL-HVG Green Beam Laser is a serious time saver and a must-have tool for all your general construction needs. Built to work and last while providing fantastic accuracy across a vast range of applications. With simple and easy-to-use operations, this laser will not disappoint.

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