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AEG 6-Mode Impact Wrench

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The all-new AEG 18V FUSION 6-mode Compact Impact Wrench (BSS18C12ZB6-0) delivers more torque than you would believe possible from a battery-powered tool – up to 300Nm.

But don’t risk overtightening nuts and bolts and damaging them or the materials you’re working with. This impact wrench has an Australian-designed torque/speed selection panel that makes it easy to choose the appropriate setting to suit the task, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

The built-in ‘smarts’ in this impact wrench sense when the right amount of tension has been reached on nuts and bolts and automatically stops tightening. The same happens in reverse when the tool is loosening nuts and bolts and senses a lack of tension.

Precision mode – prevents overtightening on smaller fasteners, like smaller dynabolts and tire rods.

Two other speeds are designed to suit medium and larger fasteners like masonry screws.

The T mode: low torque setting prevents overtightening smaller nuts and bolts, great for applications like bolts on pipe clamps.

T mode: medium torque delivers the right amount of torque for medium-sized fasteners and is perfect for dynabolts.

T mode: maximum torque – ideal for tightening larger nuts and bolts (like wheel nuts) that require higher torque without exceeding their recommended settings.

All T mode settings stop automatically in reverse. This is a handy function if you’ve ever had to spend time searching for a nut that spun off after you loosened it.

In all six modes, trust the tool to complete the task. Press the trigger and let the torque and speed setting go to work (releasing the trigger and pressing it again resets the mode). As in all AEG FUSION power tools, the brushless motor provides maximum power. This converts into better tightening efficiency and longer runtimes, especially when paired with FORCE batteries.

When power and precision counts, trust the AEG 18V FUSION 6-Mode Compact Impact Wrench.

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