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AEG 18v ½” Fusion 6 Mode High Torque Impact Wrench

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More Torque – More Action

Sometimes, bigger is just better, which is why AEG has released a ½” impact wrench with real nut-busting power o The FUSION Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench is perfect for contractors who work in the field on large pieces of equipment and machinery and don’t have access to mains power or an air compressor. This big boy from AEG will surprise you with the amount of torque it delivers from an 18V battery – up to a massive 2100Nm of nut-busting torque! Plus, this impact wrench has pre-set modes designed to save time and effort, and ensure you always have enough torque – but not too much – for the task you’re undertaking. That way, you won’t have to worry about over-tightening or stripping nuts and bolts, or guessing how tight is right.

Let’s explain the pre-set six modes so you understand they’re not gimmicks:

  • Auto Tight Mode 1: is pre-set at 200Nm. This setting tightens lower torque fasteners without the risk of over-tightening
  • Auto Tight Mode 2: is pre-set to 790Nm. This setting tightens medium torque fasteners, no over-tightening.
  • Auto Tight Mode 3: is pre-set to an impressive 1230Nm to tighten large torque fasteners, again without risk of over tightening

In Auto-Tight modes, the tool automatically shuts down in forward when it reaches the chosen torque setting. In reverse, it automatically shuts down so fasteners don’t spin off and get lost.f 2100Nm – that’s massive for an 18V tool!

The other 3 pre-set modes are speed modes:

  • Speed Mode 1 is set at 115Nm for lower speed fastening and driving speed, and torque
  • Speed Mode 2 is set at 900Nm for medium fastening and driving speed, and torque
  • Speed Mode 3 is set at 1550Nm for maximum fastening and driving speed, and torque

The AEG High Torque Impact Wrench also has a friction ring for easy socket changes and two hooks – a small belt hook and a large boom hook.

As an added included extra, the specially designed, removable Rubber Boot helps to cushion any blows if the tool is dropped. It’s also resistant to solvents and petrochemicals, further protecting the impact wrench.

So, when you need extreme nut-busting torque, like 2100Nm, to remove old or damaged nuts and bolts from equipment and machinery, combined with 1550Nm maximum tightening force, you can’t go past AEG.

Don’t let anyone tell you that bigger isn’t better.

Book an onsite visit from an AEG Onsite Solutions team member via www.aegpowertools.com.au/trade-solutions and get yours delivered on-site.

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