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Inflatable Outdoor Cinemas

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Movie buffs and movie-goers are always looking for unique ways to enjoy movies.

In the advent of new technology, people can now enjoy films outdoors whether you are entertaining the community or enjoying quality time with friends and family; an outdoor cinema will make unforgettable memories.

Smart Digital is Australia’s leading provider of outdoor video equipment and open air cinema systems; with a supply of the highest quality inflatable outdoor movie screens, projection systems, portable indoor movie screens and packaged movie systems to turn any outdoor venue into an outdoor cinema experience with a genuine WOW factor.

Inflatable outdoor cinemas are quick to set up and really easy to use, best of all they are portable, durable and versatile. The ultimate in outdoor entertainment systems are available in a range of sizes, configurations and styles; there is a SmartSystem designed for every application from home to professional public events.

The complete backyard packages fit in the boot of your car and you will still have room for your toolbox. The inflatable screens are cleverly designed to use high-grade PVC fabric technology and offer front or rear projection surfaces, featuring a high-definition wide-screen aspect ratio; combined with projection systems that are multi-media compatible including game consoles, microphones, laptops, Blu-ray players, USB and Mp3 to create a state of the art cinematic experience just about anywhere you can imagine.

Outdoor cinema work especially well for hosting backyard parties, sports club fundraisers, community events, drive in theatre, festivals and end of year events; inflatable screens assure effect and allows you to focus on viewers anywhere from recreational areas or ovals to active city roads in an efficient and versatile way.

For more about outdoor cinema systems, visit www.smartdigital.com.au or call (03) 9729 6300 to find out more.

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