Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Wall® Site-Built Timber Portal Frame System

Updated: October 21, 2020

The team at Simpson Strong-Tie has gone to the next level with its Site-Built Timber Portal Frame System (PFS).

So What Is It Exactly?

The system provides designer, builders and contractors with an easy way to remove large, heavy and expensive steel-braced wall solutions with Single and Double-Wall Timber Portal Frame Kits. By marrying laminated LVLs with Simpson Strong-Tie’s Portal Frame Kit Hardware, users can achieve wall bracing requirements with narrow wall widths, which are significantly quicker and cheaper to install than steel-braced wall solutions.

To start with a narrow wall width – 240mm or 300mm nominal column sizes – means builders can maintain narrow return walls at garage openings and also allow designers to maximise portal openings in standard wall framing, such as for large windows or sliding glass doors. Basically, this means more glass and light and less wall space.

Ease Of Install, Reduced Cost And Larger Openings

This system saves a considerable amount of time for the installer with LVLs cut to size on site, and a clear and straightforward process of hardware means the specifier’s confidence will be high due to correct installation. When you compare it to the process of having custom made steel beams constructed, delivered and installed, the Simpson Strong-Tie Portal Frame Kit is a big step forward.

Cost is always a huge factor with sizeable structural steel sections – site-built portal frames are less expensive than steel or moment frames. The icing on the cake is that larger openings are always going to keep the designers and homeowners happy.

What’s In The Kit?

Essentially, the kit covers everything you need to fix the LVL frame down to your slab (holdown assemblies and Composite standoff bases), along with moment connection straps and relevant screws.

Single-Wall Portal Frame Kit (PFS-HKSAU) includes:

  • (2) Holdown assemblies
  • (2) Composite standoff bases*
  • (5) Moment connection straps
  • (1) Adjustable post base (ABW44Z)
  • (33) SDW22300 truss-ply screws
  • (8) SD9112 Connector screws
  • (1) 6-lobe T40 driver bit
  • (1) Installation instructions (T-L-PFSHWAU20)

Double-Wall Portal Frame Kit (PFS-HKDAU) includes:

  • (4) Holdown assemblies
  • (4) Composite standoff bases*
  • (8) Moment connection straps
  • (66) SDW22300 truss-ply screws
  • (1) 6-lobe T40 driver bit
  • (1) Installation instructions (T-L-PFSHWAU20)

Any product that has the potential to save time and money is a big win for builders, allowing the surrounding framework to be nailed into the system. Instead of with steel sections where it is a time-consuming process drilling and mounting plates. The drilling process is slow and not to mention the expense of going through numerous drills bits.

Even first-time users will find the Simpson Strong-Tie system straightforward and easy to install. Laminating LVLs and using the provided hardware with straps and mounting brackets is as hard as it gets – easy!