Spot-On’s Extreme A3 is still the highest warranted and supported laser in its class.

Updated: July 18, 2013

The Extreme A3 holds one of the highest accuracies in class measuring at ±1mm at 30m and combined with a operating range of 800m (diameter) make it one of the best. The unit has a class 2 red diode making it suitable for commercial jobs sites and an IP65 rating that makes it both water and dust resistant. It is a motorised levelling rotational laser that can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions. It is equipped with a built-in scan function to allow the user to focus the laser beam without having it aimed where it is not needed. The tilt alarm mode allows the unit when activated to notify the user if it has been disturbed in any way including heavy wind and ground vibrations. The Extreme A3 is manual dual grade capable for applications such as plumbing, drainage and excavation work. A 100m range wireless remote control with an LCD screen is supplied for operational changes at long distances when having to move closer to the laser just isn’t an option. The kit includes the Extreme A3, dual sided LCD detector with clamp, wireless remote control, laser target and laser glasses, rechargeable battery pack with both a 240V indoor charger and a 12V in-car charger. The Extreme A3 is backed by an international 10-year warranty and a 24-hour customer support hotline that operates 7 days a week all year round.

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