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14-gauge Hardwood Decking Screw With The Cleanest Finish Available Collated And Loose

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More and more homeowners are leaning to wider, thicker and chunkier hardwood decking boards. Not only do these boards look amazing, they are also hardy and will stand the test of time. When it comes to installation of these style boards, you can’t go past the Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® system, when used with their collated Deck-Drive™ DSD Hardwood Screw, will not only significantly reduce installation time but offer a decorative and stylish looking screw to finish off the look of an impressive-looking deck.

The reduced installation time comes from no longer needing to pre-drill holes into decking boards. The 316 Stainless Steel screw features a low torque design for fast and comfortable driving. A broadhead with nibs (with a T30 6 Lobe recess) provides a positive drive system and produces an attractive finish. The large countersunk head holds the board firm with nibs to help it embed cleanly.

A knurl or nib on the shank allows for a clearance hole as the screw is installed, reducing driving torque and improving clamping force for corrosion and ductility to allow hardwood timbers to move as they expand and contract. A drill point will cut through the toughest of hardwood timber with little chance of splitting, which will save significant time for the builder.

There is no denying just how awesome the Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive is. Removing the need to get down on your knees to pre-drill, countersink and install screws, this system involves standing with a straight back with downward pressure pushing down with your body weight on the Quik Drive to install the screw without pre-drilling or any other preparation. It’s very easy to use with next to no stressor pressure on your back or knees. Removing more than half of the process previously involved in installing decking, your back and knees will be forever grateful after your next decking job once you take up this system.

The 14-gauge DSD hardwood screws looked fantastic in our decking and went in with ease. The time saved and the final look and feel is equally impressive.

Blackbutt is a commonly used hardwood so as well as our on-location decking test, we decided to grab a few offcuts of Blackbutt and screw them into 90 x 45 treated pine. The goal was to install screws with both the Quik Drive system with the collated strip and loose screws with an impact driver. The large countersunk head did a great job at holding the boards firmly down, and it’s great to see the days of squeaky boards and rusting screws that snap when replacing them after they have rusted out being left behind us.

These 14-gauge screws are available in 75mm and 100m lengths, which for thicker boards still offer plenty of bite into joists and bearers. After standing up and using the Quik Drive system crouching or kneeling with the impact driver did prove the benefits of the standing system. However, the impact driver performed well at driving the DSD screws into place.

The screw’s decorative finish looks impressive and is equally matched by its strength, performance and installation speed. However, it’s the stylish smaller profile head that your clients will see on their finished deck. The T30 6 Lobe recess looks modern and clean, and the knurl or nib on the shank of the screw provides ample clearance for the screw as its drilled set-in place.

The great news is that these screws are perfect for projects with either timber decking, premium composite or exotic hardwoods. This means regardless of the specifics of the project, if you invest in the Quik Drive system you will experience reduced installation times and save stress on your back and knees by staying on your feet when installing decking. Every carpenter, builder or DIY guy who has installed their decking boards over several days will know precisely how painstaking this process can be.

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