Cement Australia’s Extra Strength Concrete Mix

Updated: January 14, 2020

For those jobs that you want finished faster, but don’t want to compromise on the strength that concrete provides, Cement Australia’s Extra Strength Concrete Mix gives you the best of both worlds.

Extra Strength Concrete Mix’s innovative formulation gives you the same working time as the standard concrete mix with the finished product ending up twice as strong, in half the time.

Cement Australia’s Extra Strength Concrete Mix is perfect for jobs where you need strength but also speed. You’ll be able to drill into the finished surface in 10 hours, remove bracing and formwork after just four hours, or fence construction can commence in as little as just five hours. Practically, this speed means you’ll be finished your job sooner and onto the next one more quickly, while still achieving great results.

Additionally, the unique formulation of Cement Australia Extra Strength Concrete Mix gives it excellent finishing properties.

The finished surface will be harder (and therefore easier to clean), less prone to cracking or efflorescence (no more white stains appearing on the concrete) and less porous compared to traditional concrete mix.

Best of all, Extra Strength Concrete Mix comes ready to use – just add water and you’re ready to go. You can also colour it to suit your project by using Cement Australia’s range of oxides.

For more information, visit www.cementaustralia.com.au