aLINE ML360 Rechargeable Full 360° Laser Level

Updated: December 19, 2018

The aLine ML360 rechargeable line laser from Position Partners delivers full 360° automatic self-levelling with four vertical, four horizontal and a single plumb point laser beam.

Suitable for both interior and exterior tasks, the aLine ML360 rechargeable line laser features: highly visible beams up to 20m or even longer range of up to 30m with the receiver for exterior layout, site set-out and concreting applications.

Other features of this line laser include a full 360° rotating base with easy to read marked graduation, tilt warning, accuracy of +/- 1mm at10m and a run time of approximately six hours. Plus, a durable aluminium metal housing to ensure it is tough enough to withstand the demands of Australian construction sites.

In addition to the laser and receiver the aLine ML360 rechargeable line laser kit includes: two magnetic ceiling targets, a wall bracket, a tripod adapter plate, rechargeable batteries, AC charger, carry case and instruction manual.

“The aLine ML360 rechargeable line laser level’s high speed, accuracy and quality self-levelling mechanism makes it ideal for all interior set out tasks,” said David Gentle, Business Manager – Building, Position Partners.

“It’s ideal for interior trades as it emits a 360° beam around the room for layout tasks. With the rechargeable batteries and plumb points, this laser level represents the quality, accuracy and affordability that aLine is known for.”

All aLine measurement tools are backed by a two-year warranty.

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